Are Luxury Silhouette Rimless Eyeglasses Frames Comfortable, Sturdy & the Most Lightweight in Kings Point, FL?

When it comes to luxury, many people think of a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, sable coat, cashmere shawl, or even Silhouette’s Elegant Collections. Both the First Class and the new Pearl collections have been described with words such as graceful elegance, enduring classic and timeless beauty, among others. In both collections, pearl becomes the center point, and it is an everlasting symbol of luxury. Pearl emphasizes the preciousness of the frames as it is delicately integrated into the temple design and the new femininity that has been added to the First-Class styles. Today, we at Eyewear Candy Optical RX would like to showcase the luxurious Silhouette Glasses for your consideration in selecting the stylish pair of glasses that fits your style.

What Eyeglasses are the Lightest?

A range of choices in rimless, half-rim, and full-rim styles are offered with Silhouette glasses. Into any of their eyeglass’s frames and prescription sunglasses, their optical lab allows you to install custom prescription lenses. Silhouette glasses give you an unlimited choice with total personalization, no matter if you prefer Varilux progressives, Essilor prescription, or a Crizal Alize Anti-Reflective coating. Using exclusive hinge-less temples and polycarbonate lenses, fashion and function come together with ultra-light titanium eyeglasses frames. With quality performance and minimal weight, Silhouette eyeglasses in the Silhouette Titan Minimal Art Collection were chosen by NASA for their unparalleled comfort. Function and fashion are the earmarks of the Silhouette sunglasses line having minimal weight and hinge-less construction. This collection captures the sleek, dynamic and modern attitudes of today by melding timeless frame style with a variety of lens shapes and breakthrough technology.

Why Do People Like Silhouette Frames So Much?

Anneliese and Arnold Schmied in Austria in 1964 first launched Silhouette, the leading manufacturer of rimless frames. Silhouette uses innovative technology to create eyewear of the highest quality with a philosophy that eyewear should be lightweight and comfortable, strong and attractive. Below are a few examples.
1) Remaining highly functional and stylish, Silhouette’s goal is to create sophisticated eyewear that is reduced to its most essential elements.
2) From exclusive, high-quality materials, Silhouette’s eyewear market creates Titan Minimal Art, a rimless, hinge-less, screw-less, and incredibly lightweight frame.
3) Silhouette has developed technologies to produce their own patented materials such as lightweight SPX plastic and High-Tech Titanium to create their products.
4) Winning numerous international design awards, Silhouette’s stunning eyewear designs uses inspiration by approaching eyewear as an accessory to the overall appearance.
5) They provide full-rim eyewear at the same high quality and craftsmanship as its rimless varieties though Silhouette has become widely known for their light and comfortable rimless eyewear

What are the Benefits of Rimless, Half-Rim or Full Rim Silhouette Eyeglasses?

Silhouette glasses are for quality while continuing to advance with styles and innovation. Below are just a few of the benefits you get when you buy Silhouette.
– Minimalist frames
– Nearly weightless eyewear
– Refined styles for women & men
– Refreshing color options
– Design is slip-free and screwless
– Craftsmanship is of the highest quality
– Manufactured with reliable, sturdy, yet lightweight metal

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