Are Varilux Progressive Lenses Better than Bifocals in Kings Point, FL? Different Lens Types & More

If you suffer from vision loss due to aging, you may want to consider Varilux lenses to help you see better. These lenses are designed to help those that are suffering from vision problems that are caused by presbyopia. Most people start to struggle with these issues once they reach the age of 40 and many cognitive functions may start to show signs of the natural aging process. These lenses are a favorite for eye doctors because they are so adaptable. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about why you may want to consider Varilux lenses if you are struggling to see these days.

How are Varilux Lenses Different?

If you have Varilux lenses, you know how amazing they are. Many people love them because of their ability to help you see at several different distances. This is done because they can transition from one prescription to the next as needed. While they can be difficult for people to get used to at first because of a fishbowl affect, many people find that they are extremely convenient once they have adjusted. They are made using a W.A.V.E. technology that identifies and eliminates distortion. It makes a custom lens that allows people to see much clearer.

Which is Better Progressive Lens or Bifocals?

For years, people relied on bifocals to see at near and far distances. The only problem? What about all those distances in between? This is where Varilux progressive lenses really shine. Also, bifocals are known for the distracting line that is found between the two different parts of the lenses. Varilux doesn’t have that problem. With Varilux lenses, you don’t have to constantly tilt your head to see at the right distances.

Types of Varilux Lenses

There is more than one type of Varilux lens to choose from though. Here is a little info about each of the different lenses you have to choose from.
– Varilux Comfort Max: These lenses allow you to feel comfortable with your sight at any distance. They also help you see in low-light situations.
– Varilux Physio W3+: This is an upgrade from the Comfort Max because of Synchroneyes technology. This gives people better vision from top to bottom and left to right.
– Varilux X Series: With the X series, you will be getting the most advanced lens progression that is available. They are equipped with Nanoptix technology. This helps eliminate that off balance that people complain about with progressive lenses.

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If you need progressive lenses, you should truly consider Varilux lenses for your next set of prescription glasses. At Eyewear Candy Optical RX, we believe that Varilux lenses can help to improve your vision and quality of life as you navigate the world of eyeglasses. They can help sharpen your vision so that you have the ability to see clearly in any circumstance whether it is driving a car or reading a good book. We will help fit you with the glasses that you need to improve your vision. Call us today!