Bajio Sunglasses with Polarized, Color-Enhancing Glass Lenses are Best for Fishing & Boating in Boynton Beach, FL

For those who avid fisherman and seafarers, you know how important it is to have a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the sun and the light reflecting off the water. However, it can be hard to find the right pair of sunglasses that protects the eyes and still look great. When you want sunglasses that have been designed just for boaters and fishers, you need Bajio Sunglasses. For those who have never heard about Bajio Sunglasses, Eyewear Candy Optical RX would like to share more about Bajio sunglasses.

What are Bajio Sunglasses?

Bajio sunglasses come from a company that designs sunglasses just for the water. Not only do they design sunglasses for the water but they continue to look for ways to further improve the eyewear. Along with their mission to protect the eyes, they also work to protect the environment. Bajio frames are made from plants to avoid introducing more plastic into the environment. However, environmental efforts do not stop there. They seek to help restore and improve our saltwater flats by investing in research on what is harming the flats and ways to heal and protect them. When buying Bajio eyewear, you are also aiding in the restoration of our saltwater flats which are our ocean’s nurseries.

Bajio Sunglasses Lenses

Bajio sunglasses are often set apart from other sunglasses by their lenses. Bajio uses high quality lenses, very similar to cameras, microscopes and binoculars. Bajio is one of the few sunglass designers that uses glass lenses which ensures clarity and unique scratch resistant properties. Bajio lenses also uses a UV filter that blocks out the harmful rays. They also add a special filtering system that absorbs blue and yellow light to ensure visual clarity. Bajio sunglasses offer durable lenses and ensures clarity which also protects the eyes from the sun.

Special Bajio Sunglass Models for Fishing & Boating

Bajio has a special sunglass model that is designed for boaters and fishermen. Bajio has polarized, color-enhancing lenses that blocks out blue light with LAPIS technology lenses. These lenses are designed to cut through the glare that water often reflects back from the sun which makes it hard to see the water. When wearing Bajio lenses you can actually see through the water making it easier to see the fish. By blocking out the blue light you will also resist eye strain and fatigue. For those who need prescription glasses, you can get Bajio sunglasses with your Rx single or progressive lenses. That’s right! You can combine great sunglasses with your prescription glasses! There are a ton of frame designs and lens types to choose from. Each frame is designed for function and fashion. Lenses with varying tints and filtering technology ensures you find the right lenses for your preferred water sport or activity.

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When you want amazing sunglasses and prescription glasses in one, or you are just looking for sunglasses, Bajio Sunglasses provides it all. You will find a great selection of frames, lens colors and prescription lenses to suit your day on the water. For Bajio Sunglasses, contact Eyewear Candy Optical RX or to see our wide selection of eyewear today.