Eyewear Makeup Tips; What Eyeshadow is Best for People Who Wear Glasses in Palm Beach, FL

For many of us, makeup is a constant struggle. It can be difficult to know what hues compliment your skin and eyes, where to put your contouring, how to fill in your eyebrows and still have them look natural, and so on. When you have to add glasses to the mix, get out of town. That is just another layer to add to the complexity of an already complex situation. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to share some makeup tips for those that wear glasses on an every day basis.

How to Do Makeup if You Wear Glasses?

When you wear glasses every day, it might feel like wearing makeup is waste. Sometimes your prescription can make your eyes look larger than they are or even smaller than they are depending on the prescription. Knowing how to make up for these challenges can make all the difference when applying makeup. There are some general rules to follow that can help you look great with makeup even when you are wearing glasses:
– You can balance out thick, bold frames with a bright lipstick color.
– A small amount of primer on either side of your nose will help your glasses to stop sliding down the bridge of your nose.
– Choosing a neutral eyeshadow can help your eyes pop more so than a bold color when you have dark or thick rimmed glasses.
– If you struggle with mascara streaks on your lenses, you can apply more mascara to the roots of your lashes rather than the ends to fix the problem.
– Matte and liquid eyeshadow can help your eyes look smaller if your prescription is making them appear larger than they are.
– Choosing a lighter shadow and liner can help your eyes look larger when your prescription is making them look smaller.
– If you enjoy wearing bolder makeup on an every day basis, you might want to choose glasses that have a thin frame or are rimless.
– For those that enjoy wearing light makeup, you might consider choosing a bolder frame to add a little flair to your every day look.
– Those that like bold makeup can also benefit from choosing frames that are larger as it can be less overwhelming to your overall appearance.
– Smaller frames won’t compete with your eyebrows and are a good choice for people who like to wear less makeup every day.

How Do You Adapt Makeup to Contact Lenses?

If you are someone that wears contacts, you don’t have to worry as much about what shades you are using for your makeup, but you should consider safely applying makeup with contacts. You should always apply your makeup after you put your contacts in and use non-allergenic makeup to play things safe.

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