How Do I Protect My Eyes from Screen Time in Palm Springs, FL? 20-20-20 Rule & More

Today, computers and other digital devices are a major part of our lives. Whether we are working, studying, or relaxing, screens always seem the go-to thing. But as much as these devices make our lives easier, excessive screen time can lead to some harmful effects on our eyes. Eyewear Candy Optical RX would like to share how computer and other screens impact our eyes and explore strategies to protect your eye’s health.

How Bad Can Screens Damage Your Eyes?

The primary concern with prolonged screen use is a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Digital Eye Strain. Symptoms of CVS often include:
• Eye Strain: Staring at screens for prolonged periods can cause discomfort, leading to a feeling of strain or tiredness in your eyes.
• Dry Eyes: Screen use reduces blink rate, resulting in dry, irritated eyes.
• Blurred Vision: You may experience blurred vision after long periods of screen use.
• Headaches: Frequent headaches can occur as a result of eye strain.
• Neck and Shoulder Pain: Poor posture while using devices can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

How Damaging is Blue Light for Eyes?

One aspect of digital screens that is often discussed is the emission of blue light. While blue light is everywhere, the sun being the major source, digital screens also emit a good amount of blue light. As research is ongoing, there is some concern that long term exposure to screen based blue light may contribute to age related macular degeneration or other eye issues.

How Can I Protect My Eyes? What is the 20-20-20 Rule?

Following are several strategies that can help protect your eyes from screen related strain and discomfort.
• Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: Every 20 minutes you are looking at a screen, take a 20-second break and look at something that is at least 20 feet away. The 20-20-20 rule can help reduce eye strain which is caused by prolonged screen use.
• Best Screen Positioning: The screen should be about an arm’s length away and positioned below eye level. This positioning can help reduce strain on your eyes and neck.
• Adjust Screen Settings: Adjust your screen’s brightness, contrast, and text size to comfortable levels. This can greatly reduce eye strain.
• Use Proper Lighting: Make sure your room is properly lit to avoid screen glare, which can strain your eyes. You can also use an anti-glare screen protector.
• Blink Regularly: Make a conscious effort to blink regularly to prevent dry and irritated eyes.
• Regular Eye Exams: Regular eye exams can help detect eye strain and other issues early. If you are a frequent screen user, discuss this with your optometrist, who may suggest specific strategies tailored to help you.
• Consider Computer Glasses: If you spend a lot of time on digital devices, you might want to consider computer glasses. These are specially designed to increase contrast, reduce glare, and maximize what you see through the lenses, making it easier to look at a screen for prolonged periods.
• Use Blue Light Filters: Many devices now have blue light filtering capabilities, which can reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the screen.

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While screens are now a fundamental part of our lives, it is essential to take steps to protect our eyes from potential harm. If you suffer from digital eye fatigue or other screen related problems, seek an examine and see what you can do to preserve your eye’s health. For eye exams and more, contact Eyewear Candy Optical RX today.