How Early Can a Child Wear Contact Lenses in Palm Beach Gardens, FL? Benefits of Contacts & More

There are many children that require vision correction to help them see things well. If the child is young, there is a good chance they will use glasses to get their vision to 20/20. However, as the child grows, it is normal for them to desire to wear contact lenses. This transition is a big one and should be given a lot of thought. Some parents might be wondering when a child is old enough to handle the transition. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about contacts and kids and what age it makes sense to give them a try.

How Early Can Kids Wear Contacts?

The fact of the matter is that there is no magical age where it is appropriate for a child to wear contact lenses. Of course, the parents will want to ensure the child can take handle wearing contact lenses before making the switch, but there are small children that are fitted for contact lenses and thrive with them.

What are the Benefits of Contacts for Kids?

For many kids, contact lenses make more sense than glasses. For instance, kids that are heavily involved in sports might find glasses intrusive and enjoy having contact lenses that give them a better field of vision without fearing that they will fall off their face. Some kids simply find glasses uncomfortable and would prefer to wear contact lenses.

How Can I Help My Child with Contact Lenses?

You don’t want to put your kids in contact lenses until they are old enough to be able to take them in and out themselves. For many kids, this is something that is easy to learn how to do. Kids can learn how to do it in under 30 minutes. However, caring for contacts is something that you will want to teach your kids as well. Here are some tips to help contact lenses work with your kids:
– Professional Fitting: When you are getting contacts for the first time, they should be fitted by a professional and made from the right materials for your child’s eyes.
– Proper Hygiene: You should always emphasize the importance of proper hygiene whenever your child is touching their eyes. They should wash hands before and after. A proper fitting should go over how your child should take care of their contacts.
– Stress Safety: Your child should understand the safety measures that they should take when wearing contacts. They shouldn’t ever wear them to bed at night and not while swimming either. If they are uncomfortable, they should be taken out right away.

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If you feel that your child is ready to transition from glasses to contact lenses, you can turn to Eyewear Candy Optical RX to help you get everything set up. We will go over how to use contacts with your child as we teach them how to take care of their contacts. It is our goal to help you kids see the world around them as well as possible. Call us today!