What is the Difference Between Men & Women’s Sight in Palm Beach, FL? Risk for Eye Diseases & More

There are many obvious differences between men and women. However, there are also some differences that might not be so obvious. In fact, there are some big differences between the two sexes and their eye health and eye risks. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about some of the difference in vision health pertaining to the sexes.

There is a Greater Risk for Some Eye Diseases in Women

When we take a closer look at the eye health of men and women, it is pretty clear that there are some eye diseases that more women are susceptible to when compared to men. Diseases like glaucoma are a bigger risk for women. It can have a large impact on their lifespan as vision is directly linked with how long people live. This disease damaged the optic nerve and leads to irreversible vision loss.

Hormonal Fluctuations Put More Women at Risk of Eye Disease

Women deal with hormonal fluctuations throughout their lives. It is an issue that keeps on giving. These hormonal fluctuations can put women at more risk of certain conditions like dry eye. One of the problems that we often run into with women is that they don’t prioritize their own health. They will often put the needs of the family ahead of their own. It’s always a good idea to schedule your eye exam at the same time as your children’s appointments to stay on top of any issues that might become large problems.

Men Are at a Higher Risk of Eye Injuries

When you take a look at the statistics, men are far more likely to experience an eye injury than women are. This is mostly due to their participation in occupational risks and sports. Men will often neglect to wear protective eye gear when they are working on projects as well which can put their eyes at risk of an injury. While this might not be a stylish stance to take, it is vital that you are wearing protective eyewear when you are doing anything that could put your eyes at risk.

Men & Colorblindness

Women definitely perceive the world differently than men. Women have a greater ability to discern the differences in colors when compared to men. In fact, they are 16 times less likely to experience colorblindness when compared to men. However, men are usually better at tracking objects in motion over women. These are biological differences that set the two sexes apart from one another.

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