Why is it Important for Kids to have Eye Exams in Royal Palm Beach, FL? Academic Performance & More

Parents everywhere have just gotten their kids ready for a new school year. This involved shopping for new clothes, school supplies, physicals and much more. However, something that many parents forget about until their child is already going to school and struggling is the importance of a back to school eye exam. There are several reasons why you might want to consider this if you suspect your child has a vision issue going on. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about some of the benefits of making sure your child has a back to school eye exam on the books before starting school.

Benefits of Back to School Eye Exams

As a parent, of course you would do everything and anything in your power to make sure your child has a successful school year. Oftentimes, parents don’t realize there is a problem with their child’s eyes until they are struggling in some aspect of their life. Following are some of the benefits to having your child’s eyes checked before school gets started this year:
– Identifying Problems Earlier: It is incredibly common for vision issues with children to go untreated much longer than they should because the child isn’t displaying clear symptoms. When you have your child’s eyes checked, the doctor will be able to check for any issues like far sightedness, near sightedness and astigmatism. That way, your child doesn’t have to go through the process of struggling at school before the issue is addressed.
– Improved Academic Performance: When a child struggles with a vision problem, it often presents itself in their studies. When you notice that your child is all of a sudden struggling with school, eyesight is one of the first places you should have checked. When your child’s vision issue is addressed you will notice that their academic performance can improve dramatically.
– Focus: If a child is struggling to see, it is very common for them to have a difficult time focusing for very long. This is because they get fatigued quickly. If you’re child is struggling with eye fatigue, it could be caused by an issue like dry eyes or computer vision syndrome. These issues can be easily fixed.
– Get Ready for Extracurriculars: If your child is involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, you want to make sure that their eyes are ready for it. Whether it is a contact sport, music, or dancing that your child participates in, they need to have any vision problem corrected so that they can fully enjoy the activity.

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If you haven’t had your child’s eyes checked before, you can turn to Eyewear Candy Optical RX to take care of that. Our optometrists will make sure your child can see clearly and isn’t silently struggling with a vision problem that has gone unnoticed. It is our goal to help your child reach success this year at school. Call us today!