Will My Prescription Glasses or Contact Lenses Change after Cataract Surgery in Golf, FL?

For those who have developed cataracts and are going to be getting surgery soon, you may wonder how your cataract surgery will change your prescription eyeglasses and or contact lenses. Depending on the condition of your eyes and how the surgery goes, you may be able to say good-bye to your glasses and or contacts. To better understand what happens during cataract surgery and how your eyes will change after the surgery, Eyewear Candy Optical RX will share what to except from cataract surgery.

How Serious are Cataracts?

Cataracts happen when the eye’s lens turns cloudy as we age. Cataracts can begin in a person in their 40’s and become worse over time. Cataracts cause blurred vision, haziness, and loss of color. If not corrected cataracts can cause complete vision loss. When detected, cataracts can be slowed down and even corrected, often by involving surgery. Cataract surgery is when the cloudy part of the eye’s lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. Depending on your eye’s condition and the type of artificial lens you choose, you may not have the need for prescription eyeglasses or contacts ever again. But the key is getting treatment and surgery when signs of cataracts begin to develop.

How Do You Detect Cataracts? What Does a Cataract Look Like on an Eye Exam?

Often those with a genetic history of cataracts are monitored a bit more closely. Additionally, as people begin to age, your eye doctor may perform eye exams that include a variety of tests to help monitor and detect early signs of cataracts. Some of the eye exam tests that help watch for cataracts are:
• Visual Acuity Test – This is a basic and fairly routine visual test that will use a series of letters of different sizes to test your vision. If you fail to ever see 20/20 vision there is often something else going wrong in the eyes such as cataracts.
• Slit Lamp Examination – A silt lamp allows your eye doctor to see the frontal structure of the eye. A slit lamp is designed to illuminate the corneas, iris, and lens as well as the space between the corneas. Any abnormalities in the eye’s structure can help detect early signs of eye problems, including cataracts.
• Retinal Exam – A retinal exam involves dilating the pupils to make it easier to examine the back of the eyes. With a retinal exam, the eye doctor can examine the eye’s lens for signs of cataracts.
• Applanation Tonometry – This is a test that measures the fluid pressure in the eyes. Often cataracts will cause an increased fluid pressure in the eyes.

Why is it Important to Get a Yearly Eye Exam?

Yearly examinations as you enter your 40’s becomes essential. With early detection of cataracts, your eye doctor can help slow down the effects and eventually plan cataract surgery. With proper monitoring of the eyes, you can avoid vision loss and other symptoms of cataracts and you will see better.

Will My Prescription Glasses or Contact Lenses Change after Cataract Surgery

Depending on the type of lens you invest in, you may find you still need reading glasses and or a prescription contact or eyeglasses. Some of the artificial lenses used during cataract surgery help correct vision but at different distances. You may need help seeing up close or far away. However, there have been some advances in artificial lens technology that have been able to provide perfect vision faraway and up close. Some lenses help those with light sensitivity and more. Each person has their own unique eye health and what determines what happens after cataract surgery.

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