Advantages of Progressive Lenses for Glasses in Delray Beach, FL; See with No Lines on Lens & More

As we age our eyes will greatly change. For those in their forties or older, you may notice that you cannot see smaller print or read as you once did. This will happen to most all of us, and when it does, there is a number of ways you can deal with this problem. For those who already wear glasses, you may not want to get another set of glasses to read. If that is the case, then what you may need is progressive lenses. Eyewear Candy Optical RX will share how progressive lenses may be just what you need.

What is a Progressive Lens for Glasses?

Progressive lenses are basically a no-line multi-focal eyeglass lens that looks like single vision lenses. The purpose of progressive lenses is to help your vision at any distance. Progressive lenses achieve this by gradually changing the shape of the lens. With this gradual change, you get the correct lens power of seeing objects clearly at any distance.

Which is Better Bifocal or Progressive Lenses?

Other types of lenses such bifocal and trifocal lens lines are where the lens visual distance changes. Bifocal and trifocals lenses have three sections of the lenses that help people see distant, intermediate, and near vision. These lines not only are distracting but they make people look old and sometimes feel old. Progressive lenses help you see distant, intermediate, and near vision without lines on your lenses. Not only do progressive lenses not show lines on the lens, but they also tend to be more comfortable to the eyes. When it comes to those who wear glasses, progressive lenses are the more advanced multi-focal lens that brings clear vision at all distances and better eye comfort.

Multi Focal Lenses for Presbyopia

Most people may not realize when the time has come to seek out multi-focal lenses. As people age there age develops a problem known as presbyopia. Presbyopia is when the eye loses elasticity of the eye’s actual lens. This is common and often starts in the forty’s and worsens as people reach their mid-sixties. The primary symptom of presbyopia is difficulty seeing up close. You may find you need to stretch your arm out to read something or look for a way to magnify what you are seeing. You find it is getting harder and harder to see things up close. When that happens, you will want to consider getting progressive lenses. If you believe you have presbyopia and you want to see if you need multi-focal lenses, contact your optometrist and take a vision test. They can write up a prescription for your vision and help you get the right lenses for your glasses. Make sure to tell them you are interested in progressive lenses so they can properly test your eyes and give you a proper prescription. You can get progressive lenses to fit the same style as your current glasses, or you can have the same variety of choices when it comes to lens and frame style.

Progressive Lenses & More in Delray Beach, FL (Just Minutes Away from Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Golf, Highland Beach & Kings Point, Florida)

If you need multi-focal lenses and want discreet and comfortable lenses, consider getting progressive lenses and see if they are right for you. For eye exams, quality frames, contacts and more, come and see Eyewear Candy Optical RX today.