How Do I Know what Glasses Suit Me in Boca Raton, FL? Which Frames Suit which Face Shapes?

When you are searching for the perfect eyeglasses, the shape of your face is going to play an integral role in what frames you choose. Just because you love the glasses your best friend has; doesn’t mean you would love them on yourself. This is usually because your face shape is likely very different from your friend. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about how to choose the right frames depending on the shape of your face.

What Kind of Glasses Would I Look Good In?

There are many different face shapes and each one of them is going to work best with certain styles of glasses. Following are the different face shapes as well as what glasses you should be looking for.
– Oval: You lucked out if you have an oval face. This is considered the ideal face shape because of the balance. When choosing the right frames for this face shape, look for frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face.
– Heart: If you have a heart shaped face, the top 2/3 of your face is going to be much broader than the bottom 1/3. The frames that look the best with this face shape are ones that are wider at the bottom. Many will choose light colored frames or frameless glasses.
– Oblong: Those with an oblong face will have a much longer face than it is wide. You may be trying to make your face seem wider when choosing frames and to do this you will want one that are deeper than they are wide. Frames with decorative temples are also appealing when trying to make your face wider.
– Diamond: If you have a broad cheekbone and narrow forehead and chin, you have a diamond face shape. The frames that work best with this type of face are ones with a detailed brow line. Oval rims or cat eye frames are also a good choice.
– Square: Those with a square face have a strong jawline as well as a broad forehead. These faces are roughly the same width from the bottom to the top. You want to make your face look longer and softer with your frames which make frames that are narrow and have more depth than width, usually look the best.
– Round: If you have a full, round face, you are more than likely looking for a way to make your face look longer and leaner. This is done with frames that are angular and narrow. Wider, rectangular frames can also be a good choice for round faces.

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If you are struggling to pick the right glasses for your face shape, you can turn to the professionals at Eyewear Candy Optical RX to help you find the right fit for your face. We know the art of choosing frames and can help you find the perfect eyeglasses or sunglasses. Come in today!