Can You Get Eye Damage from the Sun During Winter in Royal Palm Beach, FL?

While most of us know how important it is to protect our eyes during the hottest months of the year, you may not realize that your eyes need just as much protection during the winter that they do in the summer. The winter sun can have a damaging effect on your eyes as well. It is vital that you are giving your eyes the appropriate attention during the winter as well as the summer. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about why you should be concerned about eye protection in the winter.

What is the Importance of Wearing Eye Protection in Winter?

The sun is in a different place in the sky during the winter months. While this can have an impact on its intensity, it isn’t enough of a change to say that it can’t still harm your eyes and skin. In fact, there are some instances where it can be even more damaging because of reflection. You still need to be vigilant when it comes to protection your eyes even if it is the wintertime. Following is how it can still cause damage to your eyes:
– Snow Reflection: When you go to the beach in the summer, you definitely take measures to protect yourself from the sun. However, when you go somewhere snowy, the snow can reflect 80% of the harmful UV rays compared to 15% reflection from beach sand.
– Altitude: There are many people that will be going to high altitudes during the winter to experience a snowy getaway. However, the thinner atmosphere that comes with higher altitudes will have a smaller chance of blocking UV rays effectively.
– Changing Conditions: One thing about winter is that the weather conditions are constantly changing. What starts out as a cloudy day can become sunny by the afternoon on any given day. Make sure you plan for these changes.
– No Shade: During the winter months, there aren’t going to be leaves on trees to provide you with any shade like you have in the summer. If you don’t live in a place that experiences a true winter, you may not realize that you won’t be able to escape the sun like you can in the winter.
– Sun is Lower: The days are significantly shorter in the winter which means that the sun is lower in the sky. Direct sunlight hitting your eyes can be more of a problem with the sun lower in the sky.

What are Ways to Protect Your Eyes?

Following are some ways you can protect your eyes in the winter:
– Eye drops
– Omega 3 supplements
– Avoid looking directly at the sun
– Avoid tanning beds
– Wear sunglasses
– Stay hydrated

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