How Do I Know if My Child has Nearsightedness or Other Vision Problems & Needs Glasses in Wellington, FL?

When you have a child that is struggling to see, it can impact all aspects of their learning and development. However, it can be difficult to decipher whether or not your child needs corrective eyewear when you aren’t going to regular eye checkups. Most parents don’t take their child to the eye doctor unless they feel that there is a need for corrective eyewear. When your child needs help seeing clearly, there are usually some signs that are present to clue parents in. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about some the signs that indicate your child could potentially benefit from corrective eyewear.

What are the First Signs of Needing Glasses?

If your child can’t see clearly, there are more than likely going to be some clues present. Following are some of the most common signs that children need to have their eyes checked.
– Squinting: If your child is constantly squinting to see things that are far away, you may need to get them in to have their eyes checked.
– Sitting Close to the TV: It is somewhat normal for children to like to sit close to the television to watch their cartoons. However, if your child refuses to sit further back, claiming that they can see better when they are up close, it is a cause for concern.
– Holding Devices Close: Along those same lines, if your child is holding electronic devices close to their faces when they are looking at the screen, there could be a problem with their eyes that’s making it hard for them to see.
– Headaches: It isn’t normal for children to complain of headaches on a regular basis. Anytime you have a child that is constantly saying that their head hurts, a good place to start is their eyes.
– Eye Rubbing: If your child is rubbing his/her eyes when they are trying to read or focus on something, it could because they are seeing things blurry and are trying to make it easier for them to see
– Difficulty Concentrating: When you can’t see clearly enough to read, concentrating while at school can be difficult.

What to Do if Your Child Needs Glasses

It can be overwhelming when you find out that your child needs glasses. The important thing that you should always remember is that there are many children that need corrective eyewear. Putting your child in glasses can help correct future vision problems that they could encounter otherwise. If your child needs glasses, it’s important to remember that they need to have their eyes checked once a year to monitor the situation.

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If you are questioning whether or not your child needs glasses, you can turn to Eyewear Candy Optical RX to help you find the perfect frames for them that will help them see clearly and will be durable as well. We can perform eye exams on your child if your are concerned about their eyesight. Call us today!