How to Shop Ronit Furst Eyeglass Frames in Greenacres, FL; Bridge Width, Lens Thickness, Size & More

Finding the right frames to accessorize your outfit can be a challenge. If you are someone that enjoys wearing pops of color, you more than likely want your eyewear to be colorful as well. It is a great way add a pop of color to your ensemble. One of the best names in eyewear to help you do this is Ronit Furst frames. These colorful frames can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about how to choose the right Ronit Furst frames to fit into your style.

Ronit Furst Frames Are for Individuals

The brand Ronit Furst came to be when Ronit herself couldn’t find frames that fit her style. She decided that she would get her own paintbrush and take matters into her own hands. Unbeknownst to her, people loved the custom flare that she produced for herself and the brand was born. Today, Ronit Furst frames are designed with the individual in mind. Frames that will give people the custom frames that they are looking for.

How to Buy Ronit Furst Eye Frames

When it comes to finding the perfect fit with your frames, you need to understand the dimensions of the frames first. There are several measurements that you are going to need to get a perfectly fitting frame. Here are some of the measurements that you will want to be sure you have.
– Bridge Width: This measurement is the distance between nasal edges of one of the lenses. If this measurement is off, the frames won’t be properly balanced on your nose. When the measurement is too narrow, it may pinch your skin and too wide will leave the frames falling off easily.
– Lens Height: To get this measurement, you need to measure in millimeters from the lower edge of the frame to the upper edge. Anyone that has progressive lenses or bifocals want to make sure this measurement is exact so that they can see properly.
– Lens Size: This will be the total circumference of the lens from edge to bridge.
– Temple Measurement: To measure the temple, you will be measuring from the point where the sides touch the lens to where they rest on the top of your ear.
– Total Width: This measurement is from one edge of the lens to the other side, including the bridge.
– Lens Thickness: This measurement is going to depend on the prescription your doctor has given you. Depending on how high your prescription is, the lens is going to be thicker. Luckily, Ronit Furst frames work with even the highest prescriptions.

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If you are looking for custom frames that will add color and style to your wardrobe, you can turn to Eyewear Candy Optical RX to help you find the perfect Ronit Furst frames for you. We carry several designer names in our frame selection. Call us today!