How Do You Drive Safe in the Dark in Lake Worth, FL? Schedule Eye Exam, Avoid Glare & More

It is common for people not to be comfortable driving in the dark hours. Once people reach their forties, eyesight tends to deteriorate and it can take longer for older eyes to adjust from bright to dim light. Recovering from glare takes longer for night-driving. Because of this, many people turn to the recommendations and advice by experts and others experiencing the same struggle with driving at night. Today, we at Eyewear Candy Optical RX, would like to offer some suggestions to help boost your safety while driving at night if you are like the many people who have difficulties with night driving.

What are Some Issues Driving at Night?

Below are the general red flags that suggest you have problems driving in the dark.
– Oncoming headlights gives you trouble
– You drive slowly to accommodate the poor vision
– Judging distance and speed is difficult
– Identifying and seeing road markings and street signs is challenging

How Do You Drive Safe in the Dark?

While driving in the dark, there are some tips to help you keep safe that are listed below.
1) Schedule Eye Exam Visit with an Optometrist. It is important to routinely have your eyes checked by your optometrist every year, but never go more than every two years. Often compromised by cataracts and degenerative eye diseases, we have greater difficulty seeing at night, particularly as we age.
2) Keep Vehicle Clean and Maintained. Your visibility is reduced due to the dirty windshield can cause glare, so make sure to clean your windows often. This includes your front windshield, vehicle windows, and back windows. Since their brightness and range can be reduced, make certain the dirt and grime build up on your headlights too.
3) Avoid Direct Gazes into Oncoming Headlights. Do not look directly into the headlights of oncoming traffic since looking at oncoming headlights can leave you dazzled for up to five seconds. Stop driving until these effects have worn off if this happens and slow down if possible.
4) Dim Dashboard Lights. Make sure to use the dimmer switch, if you have one as a bright dashboard will hinder your vision.
5) Never Drive Drowsy. A serious problem resulting in many thousands of road accidents each year is drowsy driving. Research shows that driver fatigue maybe a contributory factor in up to 20% of road accidents, according to RoSPA1. Try to avoid driving between midnight and 6am by ensuring you are well rested.
6) Reduce Speed. Make sure to increase your following distance behind the vehicle in front of you and slow down your speed.

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Whether you have trouble driving in the dark or not, you need to keep your eyes well cared for and you can do that with Eyewear Candy Optical RX. Schedule an eye exam and we can ensure your properly fitted with the perfect prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and/ or contact lenses to help you see as much as possible.