How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked in an Eye Exam in Lake Park, FL? From Child to Adult

How often do you get your eyes checked? How often you should get an eye exam can be a complex answer. How often you should get an eye exam changes over the years. There are different stages of life where the eye changes. You may need more or less eye exams depending on what stage your eyes are in. To help simplify when you should get an eye exam, Eyewear Candy Optical RX will break down the different stages of life and what your eye care needs are for each stage.

Annual Eye Exam for Ages 6 Months Thru 20 Years

Eye care often starts around the age of six months. A pediatrician will begin monitoring a baby’s eyes and vision around this point. Eyes will continue to develop through the late teens and even early twenties. While the eyes are developing, it is important to monitor for eye problems and to ensure a child has good vision. If a pediatrician notices signs of vision loss, they will recommend the child begin seeing an ophthalmologist. Vision is very important for a child’s development and education. Some eye problems can be corrected while the eyes are still developing. If a child has eye problems often the ophthalmologist will want to see the child every 6 months. However, for basic care through the ages of 6 months to 20, it is recommended that you see your ophthalmologist once a year.

Ages 20 Through 39 Need Eye Exams Every 2 – 3 Years

Once the eyes have fully developed and are mature, your eyes will undergo little change through the age of 20 through late 30’s. Since the eyes have smaller and slower changes during this stage of life, you will want to schedule an exam about every 2 to 3 years. However, if you experience sudden and rapid vision loss, you will want to schedule an appointment soon. Particularly in African Americans, we find that during the ages of 20 through 39, that at this stage they have a higher risk of vision loss and should have an eye exam once a year. Other medical problems may also demand yearly eye exams such as:
Family History of Eye Disease
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
Previous Eye Injury or Surgery

Yearly Eye Exams for Ages 40 Thru 64

Once you enter your 40’s and through your middle 60’s, vision tends to diminish a bit more rapidly. Not only is vision affected during this stage but the eyes will begin to harden, which impacts your near vision as well. During this stage your eyes will be more prone to vision and other eye problems. For this reason you will want to begin having eye exams more frequently. Once you enter your 40’s and through your middle 60’s it is recommended to have eye exams every 12 to 18 months.

Once a Year Eye Exams for Ages 65 and Over

Once you are 65 and over, it becomes more important to monitor your eye health. At this point your ophthalmologist will determine your eye health and recommend how often you should have an eye exam. For those with healthier eyes, you will want to have an eye exam once a year. However, if your ophthalmologist feels you need closer monitoring, they will recommend how often you should come in for an eye exam.

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