Most Popular & Iconic Style of Ray-Ban Sunglasses in Lantana, FL; Original or New Wayfarer, Aviator or Clubmaster?

When you think of designer sunglasses, more than likely one of the first name brands that you are going to think of is Ray-Ban. This company has been around since the 1930s and is a favorite among many. That’s because of the unique and sleek designs that they are constantly producing. There are many different frame styles to choose from when you decide to go with Ray-Ban, but there are definitely going to be some frames that are more popular than others. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about some of the most popular Ray-Ban sunglass frames.

Original Wayfarer

The Ray-Ban original wayfarer frame hit the market in 1956 and has never turned back. There is a reason that is has been around for so many decades. It is has been worn by some big stars in blockbuster hits including James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, and Tom Cruise. The classic black frame have always been closely related to Hollywood glamour. This is the epitome of cool guy sunglasses. This is a rectangular shaped frame with a slight cat-eye effect. What makes this pair of sunglasses such a classic is the fact that they look good on most face shapes.

New Wayfarer

Because the original wayfarer frame was such a popular one, we shouldn’t be surprised to find out that Ray-Ban gave it a small overhaul and debuted the new wayfarer frames in 2002. These frames are slightly smaller than the original ones. However, it is still that same basic shape. The cat-eye shape is a little more pronounced on the new wayfarer though.


Who can say no to a classic Ray-Ban aviator? This frame was also developed in 1936 like the original wayfarer and continues to be a favorite today. It was initially designed for pilots to wear with their headset equipment, but many people have found that they love the lightweight and slim metal design. While many different face shapes look good with this frame, those that have an oval face will enjoy these frames the most.


The clubmaster hit the shelves in 1986 and is still extremely popular today. These frames have a plastic grow bar that sit on top of a metal frame. They give a feeling sleek sophistication and style. The shape of these frames can vary from rectangular to round and oval. If you have a low nose bridge, these are a great option for you. If you have high cheekbones, you may also enjoy this frame style.

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