What Does SALT Eyewear Stand For in Chapel Hill, FL? Benefits of Sea, Air, Land & Timeless Titanium Sunglasses

An element derived from dying stars called supernovas is Titanium. Titanium fragments rocketing through space after the explosion of the stunning supernova “Cassiopeia A.” Being known as a space safe material, titanium is an impressive material and when used with Salt (Sea, Air, Land & Timeless) Eyewear, has many benefits that we at Eyewear Candy Optical RX would like to share today.

What are the Benefits of Titanium Eyeglass Frames?

Noncorrosive & Skin-Friendly. Often due to man-made nickel silver are what allergic reactions come from. Titanium will not irritate the skin, however, since hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It is used in the medical industry for hip replacements and dental implants due to its biocompatibility. Due to humidity, perspiration, or saltwater, some metals turn green over time. Titanium does not though, and it will not rust or corrode.
Strength & Durability. Considering any metal, titanium has the strongest strength-to-weight. Being the metal of choice in airplanes and space shuttles its incredible stability makes Titanium eyeglasses resilient, ideal all prescriptions.
Light Weight. Titanium has more strength but half the weight. Also, soreness or marks left on the face is far less likely with titanium. Titanium offers a featherweight feel, and they are stylish.
Lens Protection. Your lenses are protected when accidents happen. Expertly cut titanium bevels act as protective chambers to prevent chips and cracks. From bumps, drops, and other daily mishaps, lenses are securely enveloped.

Who Should Wear Titanium Eyewear?

People with Sensitivities. Titanium is not something that has been heavily processed and mixed with other materials. Unlike other man-made materials, it is devoid of the ingredients that don’t play well with sensitive skin or allergic reactions. Those with especially soft, delicate skin, a condition that becomes more apparent with age. There is a lighter presence on the nose and ears compared with other frame materials thanks to titanium’s featherweight characteristics.
Marine Dwellers. It has a special place in the hearts of those often at sea because titanium never oxidizes, otherwise known as rusts. Anyone else as well as sailors, boaters, fishermen, beach goers on the water will appreciate this marvelous metal.
Gram Counters. Cyclists, runners, and others living an active lifestyle, thanks to its airy weight prefer titanium. After discovering that it’s up to 50% lighter than comparable materials, many who participate in these activities look to titanium.
Clumsy People. Titanium might be the right material for you if you are on your third phone of the year due to too many “oops” moments. To anyone who often tests the limits of their frames, its resilience, strength, and the ability to bend it back into shape will prove to be a worthy opponent.
Teenagers. Adolescents can be especially tough on their glasses, similarly to the clumsy folks. Key in avoiding breakages and bends is a frame that is durable and stands up for itself. Even causing potential eye injury, inferior materials can shatter or crack. Fortunately, titanium plays well with others and can withstand everyday use. Titanium has a longer lifespan than other materials because of their durability.

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Experts transform this space-age material into a wearable work of art. The designers harness its strength and beauty in every frame. For those looking for SALT Optics Eyewear, come to Eyewear Candy Optical RX and take advantage of the benefits they offer.