What are the Main Parts of the Human Eye in Wellington, FL? Cornea, Iris, Lens & More

The last time you talked about or learned about the anatomy of your eye could have been years ago when you were in school. It is important to understand how your eye works though to maintain optimal eye health. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about what all the different parts of your eye do to help you see on a daily basis.

Parts of the Human Eye

Your eye is made-up of several important structures.
– Cornea: This is the clear outer layer of your eye that allows light to come through to the eye.
– Iris: The iris is the colorful part of your eye that expands, contracts and decides how much of the light it is going to allow in.
– Lens: This part of the eye is a clear disc that will change shape as it focuses on different distances.
– Retina: This thin layer of tissue found in the back of the eye is covered in light-sensitive cells called rods and cones.
– Optic Nerve: This part of your eye complex all of the information from the retina and sends it to your brain to help you discern what you see.

How Your Two Eyes Work Together

Believe it or not, your eyes are working separate from one another to create a complete field of vision. If you were to cover one eye and then cover the other eye, you would be able to see that both of these eyes are seeing different things. When they work together, they create a full 3D view of the world. It is important that you have two eyes because that’s what gives you things like depth perception and helps you understand fully what you’re looking at. It is called binocular vision.

What does the Visual Cortex of the Brain Do?

Most people don’t understand how much brain power it takes to use your eyes. In fact, 20% of your brain power goes to processing what you are looking at. Outside of that, it takes another 40% To help you make sense of what you are seeing in relation to motor skills, understanding, and meaning. Once an image reaches the optical nerve, it travels along the visual vortex as it makes its way to the back of your brain to be processed.

What are the Defense Mechanisms of the Eye?

Thankfully, our eyes have systems in place to help keep them protected. You can thank your eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyelids for doing a good job of keeping debris from harming your eyes. Whenever you blink, it replenishes the tear film that helps to clear the debris from your eye. There are of course tear ducts and glands that help to produce the tear film that is found in your eye.

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