What are the Signs of Seniors Needing an Eye Test in Greenacres, FL? Light Sensitivity & More

As you age, you will notice that many things about your body, including your eyesight, will change. Your eyes are one of the most remarkable organs in your body and also one of the most fragile. You may begin to experience sensitivity to light and difficulty focusing. Changing vision can also be the precursor to more serious diseases. Routine eye exams performed regularly can pinpoint vision changes and help diagnose and prevent severe disease. Eyewear Candy Optical RX outlines some of the tell-tale signs seniors need an eye exam below.

Light Sensitivity & Increased Glare

As we age, it’s perfectly normal to become more sensitive to light and glare, especially when we reach our 60s. The resting pupil size begins to shrink, allowing only one-third of the light in, making it particularly hard to see in dim light and shadows. Other causes of light sensitivity include ocular albinism, a genetic eye condition that affects the light-sensitive tissue in the pigmentation of the eye. Schedule an appointment with your Eyewear Candy specialist for a professional diagnosis.

Frequent Trips & Falls

If you begin to notice that you are stumbling into or tripping over objects, it may be time for new prescription lenses. A stronger prescription now could prevent a deliberating accident somewhere down the line.

Difficulty with Colors

You may not even realize you are having difficulty with colors until a family member points out the obvious. You need to understand precisely which colors you are having difficulty differentiating. The most common mix-ups include identifying the difference between light blue and purple and yellow and green. If you struggle with color identification, schedule an appointment with your Eyewear Candy Optometrist for professional diagnosis and solutions.

Decreased Depth Perception

Age brings wisdom and experience, and, unfortunately, it can also affect your depth perception, which makes it harder for you to identify items, thus leading to bumping into objects. A stronger prescription may be necessary to help you correct depth perception and make it easy to identify objects.

Difficulty Reading

At least 50% of the population will have vision problems, including trouble seeing letters, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. Suppose you have difficulty focusing when reading; scheduling an appointment right away is essential to rule out more serious issues, including age-related degeneration (AMD). This disorder is one of the leading causes of vision loss in the United States, even more so than cataracts and glaucoma. Early symptoms include wavy and blurred vision, but if undetected, it can result in central vision loss.

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Vision issues are not only an annoyance; they can affect your mental well-being by stopping you from doing the things you enjoy, reading a novel, watching a movie, playing games with the grandkids, or spending time participating in your favorite hobby. All of these things can be affected by poor vision, not to mention the danger of an injury should you trip and fall. Your eyes are one of the most essential organs in your body, and with care can last a lifetime. Contact the experts at Eyewear Candy Optical RX today to schedule a comprehensive exam.