What to Look for when Buying Prescription Glasses in Lantana, FL; Frame & Lens Material & More

Selecting the perfect pair of prescription glasses is not just about correcting your vision, it is also about complementing your style, ensuring comfort, and insuring vision clarity under various circumstances. Navigating through the number of options can be overwhelming, but understanding the core elements to consider makes the process much more straightforward. Eyewear Candy Optical RX would like to share the key considerations when getting prescription glasses.

What is Included in a Glasses Prescription?

The very foundation of your glasses is your prescription, determined by an optometrist. Your optometrist will provide the needed details to ensure you get the proper prescription glasses. The key elements of a prescription are:
• Sphere (SPH): Indicates the power of the lens. A minus (-) are for myopia (nearsightedness) while a plus (+) is typically for hyperopia (farsightedness).
• Cylinder (CYL) & Axis: Relevant if you have astigmatism, these values determine the lens power for astigmatic correction and the angle of that correction respectively.
• Add: This is for individuals requiring multifocal lenses, like bifocals or progressives, to correct presbyopia.

What Shape Glasses Would Look Best on Me?

Your frame not only defines your style but should also enhance your facial features. When choosing your glasses frames consider:
• Face Shape: The shape of your face (oval, square, round, heart-shaped, etc.) can guide the style of frame that suits you best.
• Personal Style: Choose frames that resonate with your personal style whether it be vintage, contemporary, minimalist, or flamboyant.
• Material: From lightweight metals to durable acetates, the material can impact the look and feel of the glasses.

What is the Best Material for Eyeglass Lenses?

Different lens materials offer varying levels of durability, clarity, and weight. Some of the common material used for lens are:
• Plastic (CR-39): A standard, lightweight lens suitable for most prescriptions.
• Polycarbonate: Durable and impact-resistant, ideal for kids, athletes, and individuals with active lifestyles.
• High-Index: Thinner and lighter than standard lenses, perfect for strong prescriptions.

Are Glasses Lens Coatings Worth It?

These enhance lens functionality and durability. For some people you may need to consider adding additional feature to your prescription glasses such as:
• Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating: Reduces reflections, improving visual clarity, especially while driving at night.
• UV Protection: Shields your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.
• Blue Light Blocking: Reduces exposure to blue light emitted by screens, potentially reducing eye strain.
• Scratch-Resistant Coating: Extends lens life by protecting against minor scratches.
• Anti-Fog Coating: Ideal for those moving between cold and warm environments.

How Do I Find the Best Fit for My Glasses?

Your glasses should sit comfortably on your face. To ensure comfort consider these element when choosing prescription frames and glasses.
• Bridge Fit: The frame bridge should fit snugly on your nose, ensuring the glasses do not slide down.
• Temple Length: The arms of the glasses should extend straight back to your ears without pressing down on them.
• Weight Distribution: Glasses should feel balanced and not exert undue pressure on any part of your face.

How Much is Reasonable to Spend on Glasses?

Lastly, set a budget. While it is essential to get quality glasses, the many brands offer excellent quality at various price points.

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