Where does Prue from Bake Off Get Her Glasses? Prue Ronit Furst Designer Eyewear Collection in Boca Raton, FL

Are you looking for a unique yet classy style of eyewear? For those who wear glasses, your eyewear can tell a lot about you and your personality. Eyewear and frames are usually pretty boring to say the least and unfortunately don’t share your personality. When you want to custom design your glasses, Ronit Furst eyewear could be just what you are looking for! If you wear glasses and have never heard about Ronit Furst hand painted eye wear, then let Eyewear Candy Optical RX share more about this amazing eyewear brand.

What are Ronit Furst Glasses?

Ronit Furst is an artist that took her talents and designed unique and exquisite eyewear. First hand painted by Ronit Furst and now her talented staff, she continues to make these unique frames which are sold in North America, Europe, Australia, Israel and South Africa. Ronit Furst eyewear comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors to help everyone find the right style and color of eyewear that brings out their own personality. You can invest in a number of different style and color frames to match your favorite outfit, holidays, occasions and more. You will have a lot of fun looking through and finding the right pairs of Ronit Furst eyewear for you.

History of Ronit Furst Eyewear

Ronit Furst is an artist and designer for over 20 years and has created hundreds of pieces of art works. In 1986, Ronit Furst founded a ceramic factory where she took her talents in the creation of crockery with their own unique design and beauty. Her name became particularity well known in Israel which helped her gain international recognition. After spending years making art pieces and crockery, in 2002 Ronit Furst turned her attention to eyewear. Her name is attached to some of the most creative and beautiful eyewear out there. Before her eyewear became mainstream, she was first making eyewear for herself. After countless friends, family and even strangers began complimenting and asking her where she got her eyewear, she decided to share her eyewear with the world. To ensure each pair of Ronit Furst eyewear is unique and special in their own way, each pair of frames are hand painted.

Ronit Furst Designer Eyewear Collections

Since opening her eyewear to the public, she has developed a few collections. Each collection has their own set of designs, personality, and what these frames have to offer. Following are some of Ronit Furst eyewear collections.
• Classic Collection – The classic collection provides a bit of a wild streak in your eyewear with its inspiring paint job. These unisex frames are made from high quality acetate which is a chemical that helps make strong frames.
• Black Collection – For more business or professional friendly frames, the Black collection is also unisex and uses quality acetate. As these frames have a black base, they are hand painted adding beautiful design and a bit of color to these professional style frames.
• Joy Collection – Using translucent acetate frames, the Joy collection often uses bright and even neon colors. Often referred to as wearing a rainbow, the joy collection brings a playfulness to your eyewear.
• Prue Collection – The Prue Collection is a collaboration between Ronit Furst and Prue Leith, an entrepreneur, restaurateur and renowned chef. It offers a selection of original, innovative, bright colored frames to complement your unique style.

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