Eyenavision’s Chemistrie Color Lens Layering System in Hypoluxo, FL; Clip-On, Ready to Wear & More

Color vision deficiency effects about 8% of all men and about 0.5% of all women worldwide. Color vision deficiency, or also known as colorblindness affects a small percent of the world population. This condition shouldn’t be overlooked and it hasn’t! There is a solution for color vision deficiency and that is Chemistrie color lenses. Eyewear Candy Optical RX would like to share more about Chemistrie color lenses and how this cutting edge technology is helping those with color vision deficiency.

Chemistrie Color Lenses

Chemistrie color lenses are a specifically designed lens that has lens filters. Chemistrie color lenses specifically help those with color vision deficiency. These lenses differ from the old technology that used tinted lenses which were heavy on the red and pink tints. Instead. Chemistrie color lenses use selective filters of the visible spectrum. This allows those with color vision deficiency to better discern more shades and hues of colors. Chemistrie color lenses comes in three types and strengths.
• Indoor – This is the lightest tint and is best used for indoor purposes.
• Outdoor Moderate – This is a medium colored sunlens that is best for those with less severe cases of color vision deficiency and is used outdoors.
• Outdoor Severe – This is a darker colored sun lens and has the strongest filters for those with severe color vision deficiency. These lenses are designed for outdoor use.

Types of Chemistrie Color Lens Glasses

Each of the different types and strength color vision deficiency lenses are designed for red-green color vision deficiency. Chemistrie color lenses also have a reflective feature on the backside to help reduce glare. Chemistrie color lenses provide custom clip-ons so you can switch out from indoor to outdoor lenses in seconds too. You can, of course, get ready to wear Chemistrie color lenses that can be cut to fit any frame so all you need to do is switch between your glasses.
• Clip-On Lenses – There are Chemistrie color lenses that you can clip-on using a micro magnet that is embedded in the prescription lenses. The clip-ons are very light weight and are designed to fit about 99% of all frames. Clip-on lenses can be designed to contour to your frames so they blend in perfectly. Clip-on is a great option when you need Chemistrie color lenses for both indoor and outdoor vision.
• Ready-To-Wear – Ready-to-wear are lenses that are permanently fitted into the glass frame. You can choose your preferred frame design and have Chemistrie color lenses meet your needs.
• Plano Uncut Lenses – Plano uncut lenses helps to provide patients with a bit more flexibility in their choice of lenses. You can have uncut lenses with a 73 mm diameter and a 1.5 mm thickness that will fit in just about any set of frames. You can get Plano uncut lenses in 4 and 6 base curves, if you want to invest in some designer frames, or you have frames you want to fit Chemistrie color lenses into, this is possible with Plano uncut lenses.

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For those with color vision deficiency, there is an amazing opportunity for you with Chemistrie color lenses. They can help filter and balance out color. If you want to see if Chemistrie color lenses is right for you, contact Eyewear Candy Optical RX and begin the process of getting the right Chemistrie color lenses for you!