Is it Worth Getting Transition Lenses in Lake Clarke Shores, FL? No Need for Separate Sunglasses & More

If you have glasses, you more than likely know exactly what transition lenses are. If you are new to getting frames to help you see more clearly, you may not realize what this means. Transition lenses are lens that are going to darken when they are in the sunlight to provide your eyes with protection from the sun. There are pros and cons that come with choosing transition lenses for your glasses. Eyewear Candy Optical RX is here to talk about these pros and cons so that you can choose the best lenses for your needs.

Eye Protection & Other Pros of Transition Lenses

There are several benefits that come from choosing transition lenses for your glasses. Here are some of the biggest benefits you will see.
– Save Money: When you think about it, buying one pair of glasses that can act as both eyeglasses and sunglasses is the clear winner for your budget. Now you don’t have to pay for two sets of frames and lenses. If you are looking to save money, getting transition lenses is the clear winner.
– Convenience: If you are interested in the most convenient option, transition lens are going to check that box as well. You won’t have to worry about removing your glasses and switching them out with your sunglasses. You can simply put your glasses on and when you walk outside they make the seamless transition to sunglasses for you. The ultimate convenience.
– Less Risk: You won’t have to worry about losing or breaking a pair of glasses when you choose transition lenses too. When you have two pairs of glasses to keep track of, it is easy to misplace one. You don’t have to worry about sunglasses getting broken or damaged in your purse or car either because you will be wearing them all the time.
– Protection: It may be tempting to just suffer through the sunlight when you don’t have transition glasses because you don’t want to deal with swapping your frames for your sunglasses. This is why transition lenses offer even more protection for your eyes.

Transition Lenses Affect Night Driving & Other Cons

Just like anything else in life, there are some cons that come with transition lenses as well as the many benefits.
– Ineffective in Vehicles: Because these lenses react to UV rays, they may not transition when you are driving in the car and the roof shields the sun from your glasses.
– Cold Weather: Transition lens aren’t quite as effective during the winter months either because they are effected by cold temperatures.
– Not Polarized: Most transition lenses aren’t polarized either. This means you aren’t getting as much protection from the sun.
– Transition Time: While they switch to darkening quickly when you get outside, it can take time for the darkening to go away once you get indoors again. This can be more annoying than anything else.

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